Dianne Doyle – Keynote Speaker 2014

Dianne Doyle, President and CEO of Providence Health agrees to be a keynote speaker at the CMHA 2014 Conference. Dianne has led Providence Health Care since 2006. She leads in a faith-based environment as a faith-based leader.

She leads Providence Health Care in a way that really cares about its mission. Everybody has a mission, but Providence really talks about its mission and vision, reminding itself that it’s a place that started out by paying attention to marginalized populations. That truly is a mantle she wears and leads throughout the organization.

Providence Health Care consists of 9 facilities, including St. Paul’s Hospital, St. Vincent’s Langara and seven community dialysis units.

Please pray for Dianne in her work as a health-care leader. Pray that God will give her words of encouragement and challenge for the participants of CMHA 2014.